Jim Bartley

University Education:1979 BHB Auckland University
1981 MB, ChB Auckland University
Postgraduate Degrees: 1989 FRACS (Otolaryngology)

Current Appointments

March 2008 –Otolaryngologist, Counties Manukau District Health Board
June 2012 –Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Auckland


Early in in my surgical career, I was involved in the development of minimally invasive sinus surgery (endoscopic sinus surgery) in New Zealand. This led to two major interests:

  • the patient with pain over their sinuses with minimal sinus disease
  • the patient who has had endoscopic sinus surgery, but the disease remains problematic.

Sinus Surgery

Since my return from London in 1991, I was to the forefront in the development of endoscopic sinus surgical techniques. I also did additional training with David Kennedy in Philadelphia. I was the first person in Auckland to repair CSF leaks endoscopically, perform pituitary surgery endoscopically and perform frontal sinus drill-out surgery.  I was the first otolaryngologist to describe the successful use of ultrasound to treat refractory sinus disease.  I am to the forefront of vitamin D research.  Vitamin D has been shown to have a role in the treatment and prevention of respiratory infections.  


Over the last thirty years, I have been involved with the treatment of a large number of cases of nasal trauma from contact sports or accidental injury in the Auckland region. These constitute a particularly challenging group of patients. This focus has given me a large experience in functional nasal surgery.


I have written two books that are available in the bookshops, in the Auckland public library, and through Amazon and Kindle:

  • Breathing Matters (with Tania Clifton-Smith)
  • Healing Headaches