Prednisone is taken to reduce swelling of the nasal lining particularly about the sinus openings.  This hopefully allows the sinuses to return to normal by themselves without surgery. Side effects that you may experience are:

  1. Inability to sleep at night: This occurs in about 50% of patients.  Some patients are able to avoid this by taking the prednisone in the morning.
  2. Increased appetite and weight gain: Most patients notice that their appetite increases and that they may put on some weight while they are taking the prednisone.  This usually reverses when the prednisone is stopped.
  3. Mood changes: Many patients notice that their mood changes while taking prednisone.  Children particularly may become aggressive.  You should warn your spouse or partner that your mood may be a little different.
  4. Indigestion: Rarely in less than 1% of patients prednisone may cause indigestion.  If you have a history of indigestion or hiatus hernia this needs to be discussed.

Prednisone is a steroid.  It will not cause significant problems if taken for only 7-10 days.  Many patients will notice that skin rashes and various aching joints will improve while taking prednisone.  These will return when the prednisone stops.